Worksheet 1

Answer these questions.

1. Why do plants have ways of dispersing their seeds?
(A) Plants need sunlight to grow.
(B) Plants cannot move freely.
(C) Plants are eaten by animals
(D) Plants cannot take care of its seedlings.

2. Why is it important for seeds to be dispersed?
(A) To protect plants from danger.
(B) To keep the family tree growing.
(C) To ensure the survival of plant species.
(D) To prevent plants from being eaten by herbivores.

3. Which of the following is not the way some plants use to 
    disperse their seeds?
(A) Wind
(B) Water
(C) Flame
(D) Animal

4. Which of the following plants relies on the wind to disperse its 

(A)   Angsana                (B) Pong-pong

(C)  Mimosa                      (D)   Balsam

5. What are the characteristics of a plant that relies on animals 
    as a method of dispersion?

I. Have hairs
II. Have smell
III. Edible
IV. Brightly coloured

(A) I and II only    
(B) II and III only    
(C) I, II and III only    
(D) II, III and IV only  

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