Teaching plan

Subject                       : Science year 5
Theme                        : Investigating Living Things
Learning area               : 2. Survival of the species
Learning Objectives       : 2.2 Understanding that different plants have their own          
                                  ways to  ensure the survival of their species.
Learning Outcomes        :2.2.1 State various ways plants disperse their seeds and                
Scientific Process Skill    : Experimenting, observing.
Thinking skills               :Predicting, Interpreting data.
Teaching aids               : Different types of seeds, a basin of water, phptographs 
                                 of plants.
Prior Knowledge            : Pupils have knowledge about the various ways plants
Learning Outcome         : At the end of this lesson, pupils will be able to:
                                  i) State various ways plants disperse their seeds and
                                  ii) Give examples of plants that disperse seeds and
                                      fruits by water, wind, and animals.
Activities                    :
Pupils watch a video from “youtube” of how seeds and fruits are being dispersed.
Step 1:-
Teacher begins by describing two situations:
Plant A :- Fruits and seeds are scattered around the parent plant
Plant B  :- Fruits and seeds are carried away from the parent plant 
Plant A :-                                             Plant B:-                                      


Pupils discuss the various ways of plants dispersal.

Step 2:-
Teacher asks pupils to carry out an experiment as shown below:-
- Pupils work in groups.
- Pupils prepare tomato seed, rubber seed and coconut.
- Pupils put them in the basin of water.
- Pupils record theit findings in a table.
- Pupils list down characteristics of each ways of dispersal.

- Pupils write conclusion.

Step 4:-
Pupils do the exercises.

Teacher asks questions to reinforce understanding of the lesson.
Examples of questions:-
How balsam seeds are dispersed?
Why is it important for the seeds to be dispersed?

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